St George’s Hospital (Major Trauma Centre)

Header_Logo-templantestgeorgeSt George’s Hospital is the major trauma centre for south west London and Surrey trauma network covering a population of around 2.6 million. St George’s receives and treats approximately 120 patients every month as a a result of trauma.

The idea behind trauma networks is that ambulance crews are trained to take patients to the nearest hospital with appropriate facilities and expertise on-site to treat their injuries. This means that patients with the most severe injuries are identified and taken quickly to St George’s, often bypassing the nearest hospital Emergency Department. St George’s has all the specialist facilities and staff to care for patients with serious life-threatening injuries, such as stabbings, gunshot wounds and following road traffic accidents.

The major trauma team is responsible for oversight of the provision of care to patients brought to St George’s with severe injuries.


St George’s is major trauma centre with eight resuscitation bays each with a large bed space to allow emergency care staff to manage the most complex of cases. The unit also houses a dedicated overhead x-ray system built into the ceiling of the department.

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